Videos of Siegfried 2016

Professional video recordings of each of the four performances of Siegfried on Nov. 26 & 27 and Dec. 10 & 11, 2016 are now available for purchase. These wide-screen videos include the English subtitles used in performance. They are available in 3-disc boxed sets of standard-density DVD's (one disc per act).

The price of the videos is $25 each, except for the Nov. 26 video, which is $10, all with shipping included. (The Nov. 26 performance was recorded with a single unmanned monitor camera, so it lacks close-ups, pans, and focus adjustments; the sound quality, however is fine, as it came from theater microphones, and it has been professionally edited.)

Company members (cast, crew, production team, and orchestra members) may purchase up to one video of each performance at their special discount rate, with an extra shipping charge if mailing is required. (There is no shipping charge if you order any additional full-price videos.)

(Videos of our 2013 production of Die Walküre for Verismo Opera are also still available. Click Here)

Nov. 26
Jones Hodel Fröhlich Young Mix Patterson McFadden Patrick JJK
Nov. 27
Jones Hodel Wells Young Mix Cheng McFadden Dalva JJK
Dec. 10
Halper Hodel Wells Vieira Mix Cheng McFadden Dalva JJK
Dec. 11
Halper Hodel Fröhlich Vieira Mix Patterson Moore Patrick JJK

November 26
November 27
December 10
December 11
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